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I am a weaver and visual artist based in the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. Coming from a contemporary arts education and practice, I love exploring and learning about the history, visual and textural aspects of weaving. The interaction of coloured yarns to create stunning colourways, and the pictorial effects of weaving patterns and techniques are for me closely related to painting and sculpture. I am also drawn to the accessible nature of weaving, being a universal craft form that is now predominately self-taught. Essentially I try to combine all of these elements into contemporary handwoven objects to be worn or displayed. 

In the studio, depending on the project, I weave on three original New Zealand-made looms; two floor looms and a table loom. I typically weave with premium quality locally produced yarns or select discontinued and vintage yarns. Making to order or creating limited edition pieces from out of date stock is a sustainable and responsible business model that just makes sense to me in these times. Primarily my approach comprises of customised pieces whereby I work with each client, or their family, to ensure weavings become treasured personal belongings.

My weaving practice began in the Coromandel, after a many of years working in the arts in Auckland, when my family and I relocated to the small east coast town of Tairua. A practising artist since the mid 2000’s, I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Auckland University of Technology (2007) and over a decade of experience in exhibition curation, gallery management and arts trust administration. 

To stay in touch with what is happening in my weaving studio you can follow me @colouristweaving on Facebook or Instagram 

Photo credit: homestyle magazine Photographer: Ophelia Mikkelson Jones

Artworks left to right: Denys Watkins, Guerrilla Girls & Iain Cheesman.